2016 Giants Tickets Behind the Batters Box
in Field Club Sanctum


Lincecum Pitch

Tim Lincecum delivers a pitch, as seen from our seats.  (Double click to magnify) 


 "Absolutely the best seats I've ever had at AT&T Park."

"Awesome seats.  Made our trip to San Francisco memorable.  Thanks!"


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Welcome!  We're charter SF Giants season ticket holders in the special private-entrance Field Club and started out at Candlestick back in 1987.  We work 60+ hour weeks at high-tech jobs and have to sell off games we can't attend.

Our 4 seats are side-by-side.  How "Right Behind Home Plate" is Section 115?  Well, we're directly behind the batter's box, 9 rows in front of the press box, and you can actually see the movement on breaking balls! Scroll down for more photos and comments.

We sell all 4 seats as a set, often for birthday gifts and special events.  Subscribe at the right to be notified of new listings when our plans change.

Here's our list of available seats, updated constantly during the season, and our FAQ. To buy tickets, please email us with dates you'd like.


Comments from some of our past guests: 

"Absolutely the best seats I've ever had at AT&T Park."

"Awesome seats.  Made our trip to San Francisco memorable.  Thanks!"

"Great seats. Wonderful time.   Great communication."

"Incredible seats came promptly as promised - a pleasure & a treat!" 

"Seats were wonderful... better then I expected."

"It's amazing to actually see a curve ball curving!"

"Best seats ever!  If you can't go again let me know I want them!"

"Awesome seats!  Ticket relay works great!  Giants won!!!"

"Incredible seats!!  Thanks so much, we will defintely be repeat customers!"

"Excellent seats exactly as described, food in the preferred area was great."

"My first experience was so awesome.  Thank you."

"Excellent View - From these seats you get a whole new perspective on the game."

"The best seats ever!!!  Thanks again!!"

"Excellent time as always!!!!  Very great person to deal with and excellent seats."

"Absolutely terrific seller.  Fast relay.  Excellent seats.  Giants won!"

"These were the most awesome seats.  I would love to go again."

"Great seats - really convenient ticket system - recommend!!!!"


"Incredible seats!!  We will defintely be repeat customers!"

"Everything worked just the way you said - thank you"


Below:  Looking back at the Press Box, which is directly behind our seats. You'll have a better seat than the reporters who cover the game!  At most stadiums the press box is one deck up but here it's at ground level.  The radio booth where Jon Miller, Kruk and Kuip and Dave Flemming broadcast the games is 2 decks above and behind us.

Press Box  

Below:  The advance scouts for other teams usually sit in our section, 2 to 8 rows in front of us, with their JUGS guns to time the pitchers.   This scout was taking detailed notes between batters.  You know you have a good view of the pitcher when the scouts are sitting only a few seats away!



Below:  Looking towards the on-deck circle and down the left field line, as seen from our seats.

On Deck and Left Field 


Our seats are located in the exclusive Field Club area, where you have your own private entrance, your own dining area with a wide range of food choices, a full bar, and even access to see the players as they walk through the tunnel from the clubhouse to the field.  We're directly behind the batter's box, and in the middle between the two on deck circles.

Here's our  list of currently available seats.

Don't Get Fooled: We occasionally see ads for seats in "Premium Lower Box" where the sellers are implying that these are the best available seats.  "Premium Lower Box" seats are actually behind the Field Club area and farther away from home plate, and they don't have access to the private dining areas and the clubhouse-to-field ramps used by the players.  Field Club seat holders have exclusive access to these areas. 

Have more questions?  Check out our FAQ or email us at the address below. 


To purchase tickets,please send us an email (with date or dates you'd like to buy) at:


  Email address 


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We've Posted Our Giants Tickets Right Behind Home Plate for 2016


 "Absolutely the best seats I've ever had at AT&T Park."

"Awesome seats.  Made our trip to San Francisco memorable.  Thanks!"


Happy New Year!

We've published our list of dates and prices for 2016 San Francisco Giants tickets at AT&T Park early this year, so you can plan ahead and secure that special birthday, anniversary or family-visit game.

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San Francisco Giants Tickets Ready for Delivery


Thanks for subscribing to Right Behind Home Plate!  The 2014 season has been loaded into the Giants' computer system, which means that we can now do electronic transfers of our tickets on the same day that you purchase them.  

Those of you who have already used this system know how convenient it is to go through the Giants' own computer systems to print your tickets.

You can click here to see the list of currently available games.

We hope you're having a great Spring, and thanks again for being one of the families with whom we get to share our season tickets.  Go Giants!